How Much Health Does the Broodmother Have

Welcome to the world of Dota 2, where the Broodmother lurks in the shadows, a formidable hero that strikes fear into the hearts of her foes. But, have you ever wondered just how much health this eight-legged terror possesses? In this article, we’ll delve into the depths of the Broodmother’s health pool, unraveling the mysteries behind her monstrous vitality.

Understanding the Broodmother

Before we delve into her health, let’s first understand who the Broodmother is. She is a unique hero in Dota 2, belonging to the Scourge faction. Armed with her army of spiderlings, she dominates the battlefield and controls the lanes with her formidable skills.

Broodmother’s Abilities

  1. Spawn Spiderlings
    • The Broodmother can summon a horde of spiderlings to swarm her enemies.
  2. Spin Web
    • She can create webs, granting her a strategic advantage on the map and enhancing her mobility.
  3. Incapacitating Bite
    • This passive ability allows her to cripple her enemies with every attack, slowing and poisoning them.
  4. Insatiable Hunger
    • Broodmother’s ultimate ability grants her increased damage and lifesteal, turning her into a deadly force.

Broodmother’s Health Pool

The Broodmother is known for her durability, and rightly so. With her spiderling army and her own sturdy frame, she can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment on the battlefield.

Base Health

At level 1, the Broodmother starts with a base health of 560. This means that any damage dealt to her must surpass this value before her health begins to deplete.

Strength Gain

Strength gain is a crucial aspect that determines how much health a hero gains per level. For the Broodmother, her strength gain is 2.8, which is relatively high compared to other heroes. This steady increase in strength with each level provides her with substantial health increments.

Talent Tree

Additionally, the Broodmother can further bolster her health pool by choosing the right talents as she levels up. Some of these talents provide bonus health or even lifesteal, making her even more resilient in the heat of battle.

Itemization for Health

To complement her innate durability, players often choose specific items to maximize the Broodmother’s health.

Black King Bar

The Black King Bar grants magic immunity, making the Broodmother even more resistant to crowd control effects and magic damage, effectively prolonging her survival in clashes.


The Satanic is a favored item for the Broodmother, as it allows her to deal damage while simultaneously healing based on her attacks, turning her into a potent threat that is tough to bring down.


The Broodmother is undoubtedly a hero with an impressive health pool, both at the start of the game and as it progresses. Her abilities and itemization options allow her to remain a formidable presence in the game, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies.

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